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All potential vendors should be familiar with current market policies prior to filling out the application.
Please reach out to us directly at if you have any questions!

2024 - Rules, Policies & Procedures

Vendors selling any prepared food products will need to comply with all state and local laws. Kingston Board of Health requires a Farmers Market Food Handler Permit and will need 30 days to process a new vendor. Please review what documentation you will submit as part of this permit application.

Kingston Board of Health - Farmers Market Food Handler Permit

Rules, Policies & Procedures

Board of Health
If a Board of Health permit is required to sell a vendor’s inventory, that vendor may participate in the market only if they successfully obtain that permit. The Town of Kingston requires a minimum 30-day period to review applications for Kingston Board of Health permits.

Vendors are required to have their own product and public liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 in order to participate in the market. Artisans or Non-Food Vendors in need of short-term coverage for their business can consider ACT Insurance for reasonable daily rates. 

Tent Weights
Four (4) commercially-manufactured 40 lb tent weights are required. You will need 40 lbs. of weight per leg, totaling 160 lbs. of weight per vendor tent. Cinder blocks, body weights, and other DIY options are not permitted. Vendors will be denied participation if they do not comply with this safety measure. 

Artisan & Nonfood
Direct Sales, MLM, or related vendor applications will not be reviewed by KFM, Inc.
Preference will be given to vendors who prioritize use of locally grown and produced materials, as well as preservation of traditional skills and crafts.