Nonprofit Causes

Kingston Farmers Market, Inc. recognizes the important role of diverse nonprofit organizations. We will consider causes that are of general benefit to the community, as well as specific calls to action.


Kingston Farmers Market, Inc. will continue accepting nonprofit applications throughout the season. The Board of Directors will prioritize causes that are aligned with KFM, Inc.’s mission. The standard vendor fee applies.

KFM - Rules, Policies & Procedures

Decisions about vendor and nonprofit participation are made by vote of our Board of Directors.

Community Tent

A Community Tent is available for use by one or two nonprofits on each market date. Please indicate interest and preferred dates of participation in the Nonprofit Application. The calendar below lists confirmed nonprofits.
There is no vendor fee for nonprofits housed in the Community Tent.

Community Tent & Nonprofit Calendar

KFM - Nonprofits.png